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Product Code Manufacturer Description
04025A5R6CAT4A WLNLA0859859 VISHAY CAP CER CHIP 5.6PF +-0.25pF 50.0V C0G 0402 NICKEL Request Quote More Info
CX2016DB50000D0FZJC1 LFNT018-1826-001PR KYOCERA OSCILLATOR, 50 MHZ, CL 8 PF, C0 2 PF, 500 MOHM INS Request Quote More Info
TAJR105M016SNJ LFNLA0649731 KYOCERA CAP TAN CHIP 1.0UF 20.00% 16.0V 85C 0805 Request Quote More Info
TPSC106K025R0500 LFNLN0053736 KYOCERA CAP TAN CHIP 10.0UF 10.00% 25.0V 85C 2312 Request Quote More Info
W2A4YC222KAT2A LFNLN0014604 KYOCERA CAP IPC Capacitor Array, 2.2nf X7R 10% Request Quote More Info
W2A4YC223KAT2A LFNLN0014597 KYOCERA CAP Capacitor Array, 4 X 22nF X7R, 10% Request Quote More Info
W2A4YC331KAT2A LFNLN0014610 KYOCERA CAP IPC capacitor array, four 330pf X7R 10%, 0508 Request Quote More Info
W2A4YC472KAT2A LFNLN0014603 KYOCERA CAP IPC Capacitor Array, four 4.7nf, X7R 10% Request Quote More Info
W2A4YC681KAT2A LFNLN0014608 KYOCERA CAP IPC Capacitor Array, four 680pf X7R 10% Request Quote More Info
W2A4YD473KAT2A LFNLN0014593 KYOCERA CAP IPC Capacitor array, four 47nf X5R 10% Request Quote More Info


Luxe has created a secure trading platform for your FPGA solutions and demand. Luxe is able to give full traceability and 100% Luxe FPGA guarantee on all devices.

Luxe Electronics is committed to 100% customer satisfaction. Find Out More »

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The Luxe Difference

Other companies re-distribute electronic components. At Luxe Electronics we take a different approach. Luxe is an independent distributor, which means that we focus on not leaving any stone unturned to find parts in the open market.

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