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Product Code Manufacturer Description
ALO20F48N-6L LFNLN0089115 SYNQOR IC DC to DC converter (PUPS), 65 Watts, open-frame Request Quote More Info
PQ48025HMB30NRS WLNL065-0065-001 SYNQOR PS DC-DCCONV,-48VTO2.5V,30A,NEGLGC,1/2BRICK Request Quote More Info
PQ60012QTA40NRS-G LFNL065-1418-001 SYNQOR DC/DC CONV, -48V TO +1.2V, 40A, 1/4 BRICK, NEG LOG Request Quote More Info
PQ60033ETL30NRC-G WLNL065-1451-001 SYNQOR DC/DC CONV, -48V TO +3.3V, 30A, 1/8 BRICK, NEG LOG Request Quote More Info
PQ60033HMB30NRS WLNL065-0064-001 SYNQOR PS DC-DCCONV,-48VTO3.3V,30A,NEGLGC,1/2BRICK Request Quote More Info
PQ60033QPB45NRS WLNL065-0436-001 SYNQOR DC-DC CONV, -48V TO 3.3V, 45A, NEG LGC, 1/4 BRICK, Request Quote More Info
PQ60120QEB25NRS-G WLNL065-0452-001 SYNQOR DC-DC CONV, -48V TO 12V, 25A, NEG LOGIC, 1/4 BRICK Request Quote More Info
PQ60120QTA12NNS-G WLNL065-0210-001 SYNQOR CONV DC/DC 144W 48V INP 12V OUT 12A -40+100 MDIP-8 Request Quote More Info
PQ60120QTA12NNS-G LFNT065-1502-001 SYNQOR PWR SUPP, ROHS, DC/DC,35-75VIN,12VOUT, 12A,-40+100 Request Quote More Info


Luxe has created a secure trading platform for your FPGA solutions and demand. Luxe is able to give full traceability and 100% Luxe FPGA guarantee on all devices.

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The Luxe Difference

Other companies re-distribute electronic components. At Luxe Electronics we take a different approach. Luxe is an independent distributor, which means that we focus on not leaving any stone unturned to find parts in the open market.

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