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Product Code Manufacturer Description
XC2VP40-5FF1152I KB32-0065-01 XILINX INC FPGA,XC2VP40-5FF1152I,INDUSTRIAL TEMP,FF1152 Request Quote More Info
XC3S1200E-4FGG320I LFKB32-0334-01 XILINX INC FPGA,XC3S1200E-4,17.34KG,4NS,BGA320.PBF Request Quote More Info
XC3S1600E-4FG320I WLKB32-0166-01 XILINX INC FPGA, XC3S1600E-4FG320, 4NS_CMO, BGA/320 Request Quote More Info
XC3S500E-4FG320I4278 WLKB32-0161-01 XILINX INC FPGA, XC3S500E-I4 500KG, 4NS, FPBGA/320 Request Quote More Info
XC4036XLA-9BG352C WLNL080-3901-761 XILINX INC IC,FPGA,XC4000XLA,36KGATES,3.3V,BGA-352 Request Quote More Info
XC4VLX40-10FF1148I WLKB32-0107-01 XILINX INC FPGA, XC4VLX40-10FF1148I, FF1148 Request Quote More Info
XC4VLX60-10FF1148I WLKB32-0094-01 XILINX INC FPGA, XC4VLX60-10FF1148I, FF1148 Request Quote More Info
XC5VLX220T-2FF1738C WLNLN0205432 XILINX INC IC, CMOS, FPGA, SDRAM, FCBGA, 1738 BALLS, 0C to 85 Request Quote More Info
XC5VLX330-2FF1760C WLNLN0186225 XILINX INC IC CMOS, FPGA, SDRAM, FCBGA, 1760 BALLS, 0C to 85C Request Quote More Info
XC6SLX150-3FGG484I LFKB32-0367-01 XILINX INC FPGA,SPARTAN-,XC6SLX150-3FGG484I,FPBGA484,PBF Request Quote More Info
XC6SLX45T-3FGG484I LFKB32-0291-01 XILINX INC FPGA,SPARTAN-6,XC6SLX45T-3FGG484I,FPBGA484,PBF Request Quote More Info
XCS40XL-4BG256C WLNL080-3904-771 XILINX INC IC,FPGA,1862CELL,3.3V,BGA-256 Request Quote More Info


Luxe has created a secure trading platform for your FPGA solutions and demand. Luxe is able to give full traceability and 100% Luxe FPGA guarantee on all devices.

Luxe Electronics is committed to 100% customer satisfaction. Find Out More »

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The Luxe Difference

Other companies re-distribute electronic components. At Luxe Electronics we take a different approach. Luxe is an independent distributor, which means that we focus on not leaving any stone unturned to find parts in the open market.

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