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Product Code Manufacturer Description
ABLS-4.096MHZ-K4T LFNT018-1749-001 ABRACON XTAL, 4.096MHZ, 18PF LOAD CAPACITANCE, -40C TO +12 Request Quote More Info
153052 KB46-0016-01 ALPHA FRY TECHNOLOGIES SOLDER, PREFORM BEAD, SN63-PB37, SM0603 Request Quote More Info
FIT-221V-1/4-BK-SP-AP LFKBT52-0136-01-01 ALPHA WIRE TUBING HEATSHRINK .250" DIA BLK Request Quote More Info
EPM3064ATC44-7N LFNLN0076490 ALTERA IC, CMOS, CPLD, 1250 GATES, E CMOS, 34 I/O, TQFP, Request Quote More Info
EP3SE50F780I3N LFKB32-0330-01 ALTERA CORP IC,FPGA,EP3SE50,3NS,CMOS,-40C/125C,FBGA780 Request Quote More Info
EP4SGXNF45I3NAC LFKB32-0351-01 ALTERA CORP FPGA,EP4SGX530-F1932,PBF,FCBGA1932 Request Quote More Info
EP4SGX180KF40I3N LFNL080-1746-001 ALTERA CORP IC, FPGA, STRATIX IV GX, EP4SGX180, 35 TRANSC, -3 Request Quote More Info
EP4SGX360KF40I3N LFNL080-1747-001 ALTERA CORP IC, FPGA, STRATIX IV GX, EP4SGX360, 360 LE, 36 TRA Request Quote More Info
EP2C70F896C8N LFNLN0128004 ALTERA CORP IC, CMOS, FPGA, SRAM, 622 I/O, FBGA, 896 BALLS, 0C Request Quote More Info
EP2SGX90FF1508I4N LFNT080-1657-001 ALTERA CORP IC, SMT, FPGA, STRATIX II GX. EP2SGX90, 4 SPD GRAD Request Quote More Info
EP2A40F672C7 NLA0889598 ALTERA CORP IC OTH IC, CMOS, CPLD, 3 Request Quote More Info
EP3SE50F780I3 WLKB32-0183-01 ALTERA CORP IC, FPGA, EP3SE50, 3NS, CMOS, -40C/125C, FBGA780 Request Quote More Info
EP4SGF45I2AA WLKB32-0239-02 ALTERA CORP FPGA,EP4S100G5F45I2,11.3GSERDES,530K_LE,I-TEMP,FCB Request Quote More Info
EP3C120F780I7 WLNG080-1563-001 ALTERA CORP IC, SRAM, FBGA, 780 BALLS, 119,088 LES, 4 PLLS, 8 Request Quote More Info
EP2S90F780I4 WLNGN0154266 ALTERA CORP IC, CMOS, FPGA, SRAM, 534 I/O, FBGA, 780 BALLS, -4 Request Quote More Info
EP2SGX130GF1508I4 WLNGN0167090 ALTERA CORP IC, FPGA, Stratix II GX, 130K, 20 high speed trans Request Quote More Info
EP2SGX90FF1508C3 WLNL080-0918-001 ALTERA CORP IC, SMT, FPGA, STRATIX II GX. EP2SGX90, -3 SPD GRA Request Quote More Info
EP3SL150F1152I4 WLNL080-1498-001 ALTERA CORP IC, FPGA, STRATIX III, EP3SL150, 1152FBGA, I-TEMP Request Quote More Info
EP4SGX230DF29I3 WLNL080-1577-001 ALTERA CORP IC, SMT, FPGA, STRATIX IV GX, EP4SGX230, -3 SPD GR Request Quote More Info
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Luxe has created a secure trading platform for your FPGA solutions and demand. Luxe is able to give full traceability and 100% Luxe FPGA guarantee on all devices.

Luxe Electronics is committed to 100% customer satisfaction. Find Out More »

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Other companies re-distribute electronic components. At Luxe Electronics we take a different approach. Luxe is an independent distributor, which means that we focus on not leaving any stone unturned to find parts in the open market.

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