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Product Code Manufacturer Description
252MI-52LFT LFKB24-1147-01 IDT IC,OTP 2 OUT CLOCK SYNTH,252MI-52LF,3.3V,SOIC8 Request Quote More Info
670M-03ILFT LFKB24-0138-01 IDT IC,PLL BLOCK,ICS670M-03,SOIC16 Request Quote More Info
82V3012PVG8 LFKB24-0206-01 IDT IC, T1/E1/OC3 WAN PLL, IDT82V3012PV, SSOP56 Request Quote More Info
83940DYILFT LFKB24-0128-01 IDT IC, 1:18 FANOUT BUFFER, LVPECL-TO-LVCMOS, 32LQFP Request Quote More Info
843034CYLFT LFKB24-0277-02 IDT IC,MULTI RATE 3.3V,2.5V LVPECL FREQ SYNTH,ICS84303 Request Quote More Info
843034CYLFT WLKB24-0277-02 IDT IC,MULTI RATE 3.3V,2.5V LVPECL FREQ SYNTH,ICS84303 Request Quote More Info
87332AMI-01LFT KB24-0097-01 IDT IC DIFF DIVIDE-BY-2, ICS87332-01, SO8 Request Quote More Info
MK2069-04GILFTR WLKB24-0114-01 IDT IC, VCXO BASED FREQ TRANSLATOR, MK2069-04, TSSOP56 Request Quote More Info
MPC9229ACR2 LFKB24-0127-01 IDT IC, CLOCK GENERATOR, 400MHZ, LVPECL, 32LQFP Request Quote More Info
PI49FCT3807AHEX LFKB24-0516-01 IDT IC,TIMING,1-10 CLOCK DRIVER,BUFFER,-40C/85C,3V/3.6 Request Quote More Info


Luxe has created a secure trading platform for your FPGA solutions and demand. Luxe is able to give full traceability and 100% Luxe FPGA guarantee on all devices.

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The Luxe Difference

Other companies re-distribute electronic components. At Luxe Electronics we take a different approach. Luxe is an independent distributor, which means that we focus on not leaving any stone unturned to find parts in the open market.

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