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Excess Management

Maximize the return from your excess electronic components.


Excess components are a burden for any OEM or CM. The project has been completed, and the components that were needed for the build are no longer required. 
The distributor will not accept any returns - even if the parts are unused and still in original, factory packaging. Meanwhile, new electronic components are released, and the value of your excess continues to depreciate. To make it worse, the excess components are taking up valuable factory space.

 Luxe Electronics offers a comprehensive excess management system. With over 15 years of experience in supply chain management, Luxe can maximize the return for your excess components. Luxe Electronics maintain a database of long-standing relationships with other OEMs and CMs. We can efficiently match your excess components with another OEM or CM's requirements.


Upload your excess for a free appraisal.

Free Excess Appraisal


We offer two excess management options:

  • Outright buy

This is the quickest way to move your inventory and gain a return for your excess components.

  • Consignment

By choosing consignment, you can gain the maximum for your excess components. Luxe Electronics will market your excess components, allowing the stock to be spread across a number channels and ensuring its visibility to other OEMs and CMs. Consignment stock can be stored at Luxe Electronics's ESD-compliant warehouse, freeing up factory space.

Obsolete Components

Some obsolete components have a high value. A demand for obsolete electronic components will increase its market value. Luxe Electronics will assess the value of your components to gauge market demand and value.

Send us your excess to asses its market value.



Luxe has created a secure trading platform for your FPGA solutions and demand. Luxe is able to give full traceability and 100% Luxe FPGA guarantee on all devices.

Luxe Electronics is committed to 100% customer satisfaction. Find Out More »

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The Luxe Difference

Other companies re-distribute electronic components. At Luxe Electronics we take a different approach. Luxe is an independent distributor, which means that we focus on not leaving any stone unturned to find parts in the open market.

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