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Monday, 18 August 2014 07:33

4 Easy Steps to Gain the Most from your Excess Components

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The builds were shipped out. The customer just called to confirm receipt. It's time to dust your hands off another successful project and move onto the next order. There is just one problem. More often than not, there will be some surplus electronic components leftover.

The company has no use for these electronic components, and as a purchasing agent, you are tasked with the responsibility of recuperating a return on them.

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So where do you begin?

1) The distributor won't accept any returns. It doesn't matter if the parts were never used or that you have a receipt in hand, they will not issue a refund.

2) Meanwhile, the manufacturer has already announced a replacement part number, and the excess electronic components that you have on hand continue to depreciate in value.

3) To make it worse, the excess components are taking up valuable warehouse space.

     What do you do? 

Follow these four steps and gain the maximum from your excess electronic components.


1) Keep your paperwork. 

All paperwork related to your surplus components is valuable. This includes the COCs and invoice. Be ready to send copies of these. It is also helpful to have photographs of the components. The original factory-packing and high definition prints of the components are necessary. Pictures are an initial step to assess the authenticity of the products.


2) Send your excess list to a seasoned independent distributor.

An experienced distributor has had time to build relationships within the industry. One distributor, Luxe Electronics, maintains a database of long-standing relationships with other OEMs and CMs. Luxe Electronics has over 15 years of experiences in the industry and can match your company's excess components with another company's requirements.


3) Know your end-market

You've already used these components to build a very specific product. If you know more about some of their other applications, share them with the independent distributor. By identifying other end uses, Luxe Electronics can easily identify potential consumers.


4) Obsolescence increases market value

Has the manufacturer issued an EOL notice? Usually, obsolete electronic components will depreciate in value over time. However, if the newer, replacement components are not backward compatible then the obsolete components increase in value. If an OEM or CM still relies on older machinery and needs the surplus you have on hand, then the market value of your components will increase.

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 Luxe Electronics is specifically looking for FPGA excess. Both Altera FPGA and Xilinx FPGA have a high demand and can easily be moved. Do you have any FPGA you are looking to move? Send us your excess today.

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