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The Ugly Truth about Excess Components

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Ever noticed how every fruit and vegetable in the grocery store is so cosmetically appealing? It's almost as if they've been airbrushed to perfection, ready to make their debut on the produce shelf, happily awaiting to be plucked by a customer and ready to be chomped on. And every now and then, when we do run into that last deformed peach resembling your favorite cartoon character, we all turn our heads as if this lonely peach somehow tastes different just because it looks ugly.  

 Thankfully, we typically don't run into barrels of ugly produce while shopping for our next fruit salad ingredients because oftentimes grocery stores won't carry them. If produce doesn't meet the standards for size, shape or color it is deemed unsellable. Instead, it gets shipped off as waste, uneaten because it doesn't look pretty.

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our Excess Management

 Excess electronic components are similar to ugly fruits and vegetables. The manufacturer has just issued an EOL notice and your excess electronics are left to take up valuable warehouse space while simultaneously depreciating in value along with their ugly produce friends. 

The excess electronics are collecting dust in the factory, losing their worth as they age by the minute. What is the first step to take? Look for a distributor who can match your excess to another OEM looking for the same part. Rely on a distributor who has been in the industry for some time. Luxe Electronics has over 15 years of experience and a growing network of reliable OEMs and CMs that the company works with.  

What's step 2? Find the best way to maximize the return from your excess components. Luxe Electronics offers two excess management options

1. Outright Buy

This is the quickest way to move your inventory and gain a return for your excess components.

2. Consignment

By choosing electronic surplus consignment, you can gain the maximum for your excess components. Luxe Electronics will market your excess components, allowing the stock to be spread across a number of channels and ensuring its visibility to other OEMs and CMs. Consignment stock can be stored at Luxe Electronics's ESD-compliant warehouse, freeing up factory space.

    Luxe Electronics accepts all excess electronic components.

    We specialize in FPGA and are always on the lookout for excess components of Altera FPGA and Xilinx FPGA. 

Free Excess Appraisal

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