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Monday, 18 August 2014 07:33

Tesla Ludicrous Mode to Accelerate 0-60 in 2.8 Seconds

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Advancing from the previous "Insane Mode" to the "Ludicrous Mode," Tesla is pushing limits for the automotive industry. The Insane mode was designed for the high-performance P85D Model S luxury car that can accelerate from 0-60 mph in 3.1 seconds. You thought that was fast? The introduction of the new Ludicrous mode for the Model S P85D can top that. 

    The upgrade to Ludicrous mode is equipped with a complex electrical engineering system, a front engine with 259 horsepower and a rear engine pushing 503 horsepower. It is essentially an acceleration boost from the Insane mode model. The Tesla Ludicrous mode upgrade for the Model S will cost an additional $10,000 for new owners, while current owners will be able to upgrade their existing Model S for $5,000 for the next six months. 

    Tesla also introduced a new 90kWh battery upgrade for $3,000 providing the Model S with an additional 15 miles of range. The Model S is seemingly the same car but with an upgraded version of itself. With the basic model and engineering being so advanced, this luxury car can accommodate faster acceleration and improve with new technology updates every year. By next year, this car could practically be driving itself! 

    CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, hasn't stopped there with his need for speed. According to Musk, there is an accelerator faster than Ludicrous mode, "Maximum Plaid," but he's saving that for the next generation which is reputed to be available in a couple of years. For now, the Model S will have to suffice for all of the acceleration junkies.

Model S Control Area

    Tesla is not the only one to make technological advances for automotive applications. With the automotive industry constantly growing, system designers find challenges achieving fast development cycles while meeting cost effective, flexible solutions that meet safety requirements.

Altera FPGA enables developers to find smart solutions to these challenges.

  • Altera's automotive-grade FPGA allow for shorter time to market through re-programmability and ability to fix bugs without a redesign. 
  • Altera's Quartus II flexible design platform facilitates innovative solutions that speed up system design and utilize FPGA in- system verification.
  • Meet your exact system requirements resulting in an optimized system of features you can personalize without paying extra.
  • Can easily support various types of image, radar and laser sensors along with multiple network connectivity options like controller area network. 

RFQ for Altera FPGA

    Xilinx FPGA is being incorporated into next generation automobile solutions, which meet government safety standards. The key differentiator for automotive OEM manufacturing has become vehicle based camera systems. Xilinx advanced driver assistance system provides solutions that enable real-time image analytic's, video processing, customized displays, and intelligent transportation for communication, allowing for the fastest time to market with differentiated products.

RFQ for Xilinx FPGA

    Looking to test drive a Model S? Click here to locate your nearest Tesla dealer and schedule a time. It's free.

    Luxe Electronics specializes in FPGA and is an Altera and Xilinx distributor.

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